Our company SC Tarnava SA, founded in 1949, is very experienced in the production of shirts and blouses (also skirts and dresses, overalls for the IT industry and articles for orthopaedic products). Tarnava is exporting to countries like Germany, France, Austria, Italy, Belgium, Holland etc. since 1968.We are producing in “full business” with fabrics from Italy, Holland and Turkey, from a minimum of 300 - 5000 pieces/model and over.
We can produce:
- made to measure shirts and blouses (with measures taken from the client).
- prototypes
- samples
- embroidery (light washes and printing can be organized when needed).
For orders with the client’s fabric and ascessoires the delivery follows in a maximum of 3 weeks after receiving all the technical details and accessories.
Our production structure is: 60% blouses and 40% shirts, with a monthly capacity of about 30.000 pieces, depending on the complexity of the models.
We employ 250 people at the moment. The personnel in the technical and commercial department is well prepared and able to communicate in German, English, French and Italian.
These are the most important information, but please do not hesitate to contact us if you should have any further questions.

Our technical facilities include the newest machinery- Juki sewing machines, Veit ironing stations, Kannegiesser fusing machine, ZSK embroidery machine with electronic control unit, CAD Assyst system.

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