textil factory Founded in February 1949, S.C. Tarnava S.A. Sighisoara, enjoyed a rapid expansion in the field of Romanian clothing business. It was privatized in 1996 with Romanian capital. Due to the fact that it possesses a well-trained personnel and uses high quality raw materials, Tarnava Sighisoara managed to acquire the status of a competitive producer of men shirts and women blouses, both on the internal, as well as the external market, developing relationships of collaboration with companies from Germany, Italy, England, Denmark etc. This success was also possible due to the technical equipment, consisting in sewing machines of Japanese origin Juki, Veit ironing devices, Kannegieser thermocollation presses, stiching machines on electronic drive, ZSK and CAD computer-aided design systems. The personnel structure complies with the production specificity of textile wearing apparel industry. Currently the company has approximately 200 employees.Mrs. Cristina Hancu has been the general manager of the company since 2013.

Services that we offer

We offer construction and grading of patterns, embroidery, organizing washing and printing, organizing the transport, construction of samples and can consult your in multible languages. Our team speak German, Italian, Spanish, French and English.

Products and customers

Within the framework of the mentioned object of activity, respectively the production and merchandising of textile wearing apparel, the company caters for the market segment dealing with women, men and children outwear, creating a wide range of products: shirts,blouses, dresses, skirts, pyjamas and jackets. Tarnava Sighisoara S.A.is also producing CMT and full business. The company buys raw material from Romania, the European Union and Turkey. 
The main business partners are as follows:

  • from Germany: Luisa Cerano, Wappen
  • from Italy: Max Mara, Marella, 
  • from France: Maison Kitsune, Maison Margiela

We are manufacturing made-to-measure products (shirts and blouses) since 2006 and are selling them in Romania, Germany, Denmark, Austria and France. 
We hawe also manufactured uniforms for the police, custom and postal offices in countries like: Austria, Germany, Italy, Belgium, Romania etc. Export activity is performed according to direct contracts with companies from abroad, as well as commission contracts. Currently, Tarnava products are sold in the company’s own shops in Sighisoara and Brasov, and since 2006 they are also present in the company’s own office in Germany.


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Tarnava headquater entrance


Our headquater and production site is located in Sighisoara (Romania). Sighisoara belong,  due to its famouse historical citadel to Unesco World Heritage since 1999. It's close to the airports in Targu-Mures or  Sibiu which can be easy accessed via direct flight from all over Europe. If you are interested, you are more than welcome to visit our production site. Please contact us for an appointment.

front of manufactrure building

Production site

Our production site is located next to our headquater and is about  4000 qm / 43.000 sqf and can host up to 800 worker. Tarnava SA is ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified and will fullfill all your supplier requirements.

spreads layout for texil on pc

Cutting and Spreads

To optimize the cutting and not wasting any fabric we do your layout via CAD-Lay. We use plotters to prepare the cutts and do the layout for the cutting room. We can handle variouse formats. 

  • hpgl
  • plx
  • dxf
  • rul
zsk embroidery machine


Our in-house embroidery can execute multicolored embroidery of 1- 30cm . We have  10 embroidery needles  and can operate them in parallel. The production capacity is about 1500 parts per / day .


Layout and materials

In order to help you realize yourr projects , we can order the fabric and trimmings for you. Of course you can also send us your own fabrics and trimmings. 



In addition to classic outerwear , we also have a long experience in producing for our partners clean room overalls and orthopaedics. 



In the ironing we have 12 ironing systems and can handle up to 1000 pieces daily and prepare them for the transport.


Final quality check

To ensure the best quality we execute a final quality check of the production, after the two intermediate ones. 



Depending on the volume of orders will be dispatched by carrier or post for you . A transport to e.g Germany takes 2-3 days.  Shipping costs start from € 10 / 10KG .


Production process

The technical processes comply with the highest standards practiced by the companies in the same field in Romania and abroad. Nevertheless, if proceeding to a comparison between the technological procedures practiced on an international level and even with certain Romanian companies, one might seize certain differences generated by the machines system used.

Classified in three main phases of the fabrication process, the technical procedures are as follows:

  • cutting-on details, consisting in operations of framing marks,
  • cutting operations - accomplished manually in a percentage of 80%,
  • cutting sectioning and manual decupation of details - mechanized process, 
  • mark prefabrication by means of thermocollation, counting and sorting.

This activity is organized on 3 formations, one for each of the three production workshops. The Detail manufacturing, which consists of processing and assembly operations is accomplished on 6 technological lines fitted with specific equipment - simple and special sewing machines. Transportation of the half-finished products within the processing and assembly line is performed on carriers with ground transportation and overhead conveyor. The finishing process of the products comprises final ironing operations executed by specialized ironing presses or ironing devices, according to each case in particular and the wrapping of the products is performed in each production department. The operations of finishing and wrapping the products are executed at the end of the processing and assembly lines. The maintenance of the equipment is performed by specialized teams.


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Phone: 004/ 0265/ 77 11 67
Fax: 004/ 0265/ 77 74 17

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