Do's and Don'ts at a wedding

What is allowed or not at a wedding? What is considered funny, and what tacky? 

Wedding season has just ended, but the next one is around the corner. So maybe we should prepare for it in advance and think how we can be better guest, everywhere we are invited to. There are a lot of rules, but let's try to write the most important ones:

1. Reply to an invite asap, and try to stick to it. It helps the bride and groom to know exactly how many guests they will have. Maybe they can add another name to the list, if you cannot attend. If they decided to invite you to one of the most important events in their life, you should honor that by answering sincerely if you will come or not.

2. If you decided to come, and have informed the bride and groom, be punctual. This day is a celebration of the love between the bride and the groom, it is not your special party. Do not show up late, interrupting the ceremony and start saying "hello" to people or start having a smalltalk. Also, everybody should know it by now, but I will mention it, just in case: turn of your phone! No matter how nice your "Despacito" song sounds on your phone, understand that nobody wants to hear it. Not at a wedding, cinema, theatre etc. Just don't!

3. Be mindful of the outfit. Again this day is about the bride and groom, it is not a fashion catwalk. If you think a leopard print or Hawaii print is the way to go, rethink your strategy. If not otherwise specified on the wedding invite, stick to a suit, shirt and tie and women to an elegant attire: cocktail dress, skirt and elegant top or pants and elegant top. Do not show up in a white outfit, an outfit that you would wear in a club or an outfit that screams for attention.

4. Have fun because you are at a party, but do not overdue it. Do not drink too much and start taking of your shirt on a sexy song. You can do that at your birthday party, if you really want to send the guests home quickly, but don't do it at a wedding. I am sure everybody appreciates people dancing and having fun, but remember that all eyes will be on the bride and groom, as it should be. Don't crave for attention.

5. Also eat nice, like your parents thought you to eat. Do not eat with your hands, without a knife, use the napkin etc. There are several guests who would like to enjoy meal, without seeing the inside of your mouth.

6. I know everybody loves kids, they are cute and lovely etc but make sure that it is ok to bring them along. Bringing children to a night wedding might not be the best idea. They will be tired and cranky. Also make sure you they do not run on the dance floor while the bride and groom take their first dance, again it is about them and not your adorable mini-me.

So to make it short: remember to be mindful of the bride and groom and of the guests. You should not be remembered as the drunk person that started shouting at the dj because he wanted to hear "Despacito", or the one who feel asleep on the table, took off his shirt to prove that he never went to a gym etc. Have fun and let the others have fun as well.