How to find your own style

How to find your style, what rules should you follow? Should you follow rules at all, when it comes to expressing yourself?

Nobody wants to be a copycat, or nobody with a strong personality. If we know exactly what we want in our day to day lifes, from the type of coffee we like to drink, to the food we enjoy up to the people we like having around, then why should we be influenced when it comes to choosing our clothes? Don't get me wrong, I do like to get inspired from pinterest, instagram, magazines etc, but do not wish to copy the outfit from a to z. Putting your own twist on an outfit, will always make it more interesting and less mainstream. Even if the outfit you are copying is not mainstream, it will become one once you and 100 more will start to copy it.

Always try to express yourself, like Madonna said, also through your outfit. Do not let anyone tell you what you should or should not wear: as long as you like it and you feel good wearing it, who cares if you have the "right" age or "right" body to wear it? Be honest with yourself when you look in the mirror: do you really like the way your socks and sandals match your short pants and undershirt? If not, change it. Switch the undershirt for a regular t-shirt or casual shirt, and drop the socks and maybe also the sandals, and wear moccasins instead.If you are not sure about color matching, read the blog post about color matching.

In time choosing your outfit will be as easy as choosing your coffee. Let a bit of your personality shine through, and be the one that people will want to follow.