Why do we chase after brands?

Why do we chase after brands?

There are several reasons: we need to feel worthy and important, we wish to show that we have accomplished something (We made it! We are finally successful! Yey!), but also because we lack self esteem. We wish to belong to a certain group of people ( the people that were “in” in high-school, the ones that drive nice cars, having a much younger women next to them, the ones that do not need to stand in line to get into a club etc), too afraid that standing out would mean that we would not be accepted by the group listed above.
An author from “The Guardian” just thinks that people wearing brands are stupid. They are used as marketing tools by the big brands (we all know the t-shirts with big brands on them, boxers, shirts etc) without getting paid for that. They pay to be a marketing tool for the big brands.
Although I do understand that some products are unique and almost perfect ( a MaxMara wool coat, a Brioni suit, a Hermes scarf etc), I do not understand people who only pay so that the brand is as visible as possible. Often these products are not made from the greatest materials by experienced manufacturers, they are made from cheap fabrics in countries where a wage of 50$ is huge.
So if we cannot afford a MaxMara wool coat, Hermes scarf, Kiton suit etc, lets just try to look for quality. Even if it does not cost a small fortune, it can be the same manufacturer that does your Hilfiger polo, but sells it cheaper, because it values the costumer, without seeing it merely a marketing tool. Or a fool.