How to choose the right collar type for your shirt

The different collar types, and which collar matches which type of shirt. Find out which ones are for casual, business or elegant shirts. 

Cut-away/spread collar

One of the most common collars today and very popular among the 20-40 year old men, is a very versatile and sophisticated collar. It looks good with a suit, with our without a tie, with jeans and in every fabric.



A very traditional collar, that can be worn with a narrow tie or with a bowtie. It works for formal as well as for casual outfits.


New Kent

Is a smaller, less narrow and more modern version of the Kent collar. It became very popular in the last years, when the small collars came in style. Wear it for any occasion, with or without a tie.



A collar that originally apparead on the polo fields in the UK, is normally linked to more casual outfits. It can be worn with or without a tie. If you wish to have a more sophisicated button-down shirt, order it in two-ply fabric.



The first tab collars appeared also in the UK at the end of the first World War. It is a very classic and elegant collar, that allows you to show off your tie or tie knot. The tab collar is similar to a Kent collar, but it has a tab that connects the two parts of the collar. This tab is hidden underneath the tie.


Wing collar

The most formal of all collars. To be worn only with a bowtie and usually with a tuxedo. This type of collar is appropriate at formal events, blacktie events and weddings.



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