Getting married? Congrats! What will you wear?

How to choose the right shirt for the groom? How to avoid styling mistakes on that special day.

Choose the theme of our wedding and color scheme together with your future bride, before picking out the outfits. Decide together if you are going for a classical, traditional, retro etc. wedding and try to reflect that in your outfits as well. Also be careful to match the colors of your outfit with her dress. You do not want to stand in front of the altar and realize, that you do not match at all (the outfits, of course).

If you choose a formal wedding with a reception at a fancy restaurant, pick a dark suit, dark shoes and a bow tie shirt with double cuffs. You can even wear a vest or cummerbund, for that special something.

At a casual wedding, held maybe outside, you can wear a more colorful suit, one in two colors (with the jacket and pants having two different colors, but still matching) or a linen one. The shoes and belt have to match the outfit. If you decided to wear a two-colors-suit, choose a white shirt or one that matches either the pants or the jacket. For a linen suit or a colorful one, pick a white shirt or one in a light color. Try to avoid striped, checked or printed shirts. There are some lucky ones, that get to have a beach wedding, and those could wear a printed shirt or a linen one.

You can also opt for a more special color in this day- tab or picadilly. If you are wearing a picadilly collar and cuff links, do not wear a watch or other jewellry. The bride is the only one who should stand out on this unique (if you are lucky) and special day, not the groom and his jewellery or some extravagant party guest.

Should you decide to splurge a little on the suit and shoes, do the same with the shirt. Try wearing a made-to-measure shirt or a standard-sized-shirt in a more expensive fabric (two ply).